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A little bit about me…

I’m a full-stack software developer, but I’ve gravitated toward front-end web. I’m product-focused, down-to-earth, and I like to build things. I enjoy working in industries where I can contribute my knowledge about the business and underlying code structure I’m working in to guide better what I help develop.

I live with my wife on the edge of Istanbul, Türkiye. When I’m not tinkering with web technologies, my other interests are gaming, listening to music, exploring the wilderness (Overlanding).

A workplace

Building a better web

Curios to know what gets me out of bed every morning? The fact that my work has the potential to affect the Internet positively.

I have chosen to take on a career in WordPress development because I value the open source and the community around it. Being able to take on challenges that require both logical and creative thinking and seeking help from people who are open to sharing their knowledge is what I find compelling in constantly refining and improving.

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